Welcome to Crafters

Welcome to Shields Down Crafters Guide!

Based upon RPG_ADDICT's Excel Spreadsheet for Crafters, this site will have the latest Crafters information available to you! Before, each time a new spreadsheet had to be created. This led to problems, like them being out of date, needing a new file version, re-calculations, among other things.


No more searching rows and columns for the right infomation to only make that one mistake. Now its as easy searching for your item you want to craft, and then it gives you all the information you could want! How many resources, to drilling down to which components are required to build, and drilling up to see what components are required for what item!

This version is also updated on a much quicker basis, and there is no need to download a new version! With data being created from the helps of Coops and Prev, and the SUDR, Why trust anything else? This is your one stop guide for all your crafting needs!!

How To Use

Its quite Simple.
1. Choose your item from the right hand side, or search for it in the search box on top.
2. Once you find your item, click on it
3. Analyse the information, see how the product is built by drilling, and then perhaps print off a version.
4. Enjoy the easiness of following what you need!


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