Shields Down History

Welcome to the Shields Down History

What is the Shields Down History?
The Shields Down History keeps records of the past on items on the central Player Market (Settlements or not). These are then analysed to produce details on the past trend of the item.
Why is this useful?
Have you ever looted an item but don't know if it will sell? Or what the value of it is? Have you got a mass of an item and you want to know if it is a good time to sell it? Prehaps even you want to exploit the market by buying low, and then selling it again when it is high?
They are just some of the details someone can get out of the history page. with an X-Press view, and a detailed outlook, one can spend as little, or as much time to get the answers they need.
There are also graphs to show the trend in a quick and easy fasion - to save you time!
Why should I trust this system?
You should only take this as a guideline. If the graphs show you that the price is increasing doens't mean its going to do that forever. This should give you a guide though, but use your own judgement as well.
I only see one black line on the price graph?
The red and black lines show something different - the black line shows the average price per product - meaning the average of the product cost. But some people will decide to sell higher then others, this is where the Red line comes into play: This is average cost per Transaction. If the only line you see is the Black line, it means all the transactions for that item are the same. If there is a difference, it means that some items are cheaper (like in bulk). Its best to check the Sales Market to see whats available in this situation
I have a question/comment/query that is not listed
By all means, please Contact Me with the question and I will reply as soon as I can
I hope you enjoy, and it brings good fortune to you and your ship!

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