Shields Down Market

Welcome to the Shields Down Market.
Addition to Shields Down Market: 19/02/07:
A recent additon of the search bar at the top means you no longer require to look though every item!! A nice quick search of 'High Tech' will produce High Tech Components, that you can move to view the item on the Sales market, or the history of the item searched.

Another addition is a CPU, or Credits per unit. Instead of working out what is cheaper, its now displayed for you :)
Enjoy! - Robinb

What is the Shields Down Market?
Shields Down Market is a way to view all currently available items on the Shields Up Player Market, with easy access to what is available, where, and how much.
Using the categories to the right, you can browse the items, see if there is something that you like, and then log into Shields Up and buy it!

Does it cost?
No, not at all. This is a free to use market for the convience of all Shields Up players.

So how do I use Shields Down Market?
First off, check to see if there have been any updates to the market - this is nice and easy by checking the box in the top right. If there is a 'MARKET CHANGE DETECTED - Click Here To Update' - it means there has been an update. Click on the link to get the latest displayed version
The second is to choose a category - select by clicking on one of these.
Third, if you wish, choose an item. Although the results are displayed on the page once you have clicked on the category link, there may be too many. Clicking on an item will solve this by only listing those items.
Forth, you can check an items detail by clicking on it. This will show you who is selling it and where. You could also check the history of the item - altough it may seem a good deal has it been cheaper in the past? The Shields Down History Market will show all that information.

I want to back a step once I am in [place]
Easy - look at the top of the page - you should see where you are on the page - what type you are on, and the item you have selected. Clicking on these links will take you back to what step you require

I have a question/comment to make
Certainly - I am more then willing to recieve and reply to all emails I get. Please goto the Contact Us page and email me :)

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