Shields Down Market

Welcome to the Shields Down Market.

What is the Shields Down Wanted Market?
Simply put: Its the opposite of the Sales Market. Here, Players can request items that are not available on the Sales Market, and don't have the time to track dowm a crafter to make it. By putting your request onto this page, a lot of people will look over it, and if they can make it, they shall get in touch!
How do I add a request?
For now, no account is needed. By clicking on the 'Add Item' in the top right, you will enter a page where you can choose the item you want to add. Please enter a correct Email address! This is important! Once you submit the form, your item will be displayed and you will recieve an email. This email contains a vital code - this is the code for your item if you want to remove it, or if someone fills your order.
Once someone matches your order, or you want to remove it, then click on 'details' by your item. A new link should appear saying 'remove item'. Click on the link and copy-paste the code into the testbox. This will remove the item from the market.


How can I find out details on an order?
By clicking on the 'Details' link by the order, a new screen will display all the information you will need.
I can match an order! What should I do?
You should contact the seller. You can obtain this information by finding the item you can match, and clicking on 'details'. Once you have the name, go into Shields Up, and send an in-game message stating you want to match the offer, with the details of units and prices.
Once complete abd arranged, the person with the goods should do a Trade for the amount agreed on. The Wanter should then accept this. Once accepted, and if the wanter does not want the same deal again, they should delete the item by finding their item, and clicking 'Delete' and entering the code that was sent to them through an email.
Shields Down does not accept any responsibility on mis-matching goods, credits, or orders. Any complains should be emailed to myself (though the contacts page) which then a settlement will be arranged between the two parties.

I have a comment/question/query that is not listed here
Please Contact Me and I will reply as soon as I can :)

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