To me, the most annoying thing is to place an Extractor down on a planet to carry on collecting as you go about your daily tasks, and then forget about it.
As soon as you remember, its too late, the contants have been taken away, and your left with an empty extractor. That might have cost you very little if you were extracting Water, but if its a rare ore..

So, In the bid to help out Shields Up Players, I give you this, a reminding service that will send you an Email when your extractor is 48 and 24 hours away from expiring, or is 24 hours away from overflowing.

Require Login

For this service to work, you are required to make a Shields Down account. This is a quick and easy process, and will also work with Shields Down Crafters, and Shields Down Casino.
To create an account, please click the New User link in the top right. It should not take more then 2 minutes to set one up!


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