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Latest Information: (What is Shields Down Casino below)
Draw ID: 113
Balls In Play: 2
Ticket Cost: 1,000 Credits
Tickets Sold: 8
Curent Prize Total: 106,400 credits!
Draw Time: 23-12-2010 at 8pm Game Time

Shields Down Casino

What is Shields Down Casino?
Shields Down Casino is a independent 'casino' for the beta game Core Exiles. It is where a player can win a lot of Credits for a very small amount, with minimal effort, and maximum fun!
Shields Down Casino has one currency: Credits
These Credits are the same as Core Exiles credits, except you use them here instead of Core Exiles. They can be withdrawn and deposited at any time.
To navigate around the site, please use the 'Navigation' side panel to the right.

What does the casino contain?
- The Lottery - A weekly based draw that you can buy tickets into, in hopes for a match and a win!
- Scratchcards - Scratch 6 out of 9 panels in the attempt to match 3 or more icons!
- BlackJack - Aslo known as Pontoon, 21, etc. You play against the dealer to attempt to get as close to 21, without going over!
Clicking on the names will show you more details on these, and how to play them

So how do I get started?
1) Create an account on Shields Down by clicking on 'new user' in the top right corner and follow the inscructions.
2) Deposit Finds - This is easy. On your Core Exiles account - send a message with credits to sdlottery. This is a non-used account in Core Exiles, but has direct connections for obtaining the funds that have been sent.
3) Play the games! Now you have Credits you can buy Scratchcards, or play the Lottery for the chance to win Big Money!

I transferred money and it has not come through/there is a problem!!
This can happen due to a number of reasons:
1) Shields Down account In Game name is incorrect: This happens if there was a mistake during the Shields Down account setup - Please Contact Me to resolve this problem. A verification email will have to be sent, and you can speed up this process by in-game message sdlottery with the Shields Down account name. Your money will not be lost
2) No Shields Down Account - If money is sent without an Shields Down account being used, a 'lockout' account will be created. Please Contact Me to resolve this problem. A verification email will have to be sent, and you can speed up this process by in-game message sdlottery with the Shields Down account name. Your money will not be lost
3) None of the above - email me with all the details you know of, and I will look into it straight away.

My Details have changed since I signed up
For now, please contact me VIA the contacts page stating your account name, your ingame and and the details you want to change.

Terms and conditions with Shields Down Lottery
This part is IMPORTANT so listen up pilots:
1) Any money transferred into Shields Down Credits are non-transferable. You may withdraw these credits at any time.
2) All games are fair - there is no cheating involved in any way. All Scratchcards have been pre-made. Some are garenteed winners, some have no chance of winning, and others have a chance of winning dependent on the skills of the player.
3) This is a NON-PROFIT casino (shock horror!!). All excess credits will be put back into the Casino through extra jackpots, higher winnings on scratchcards, or otherwise.
4) There is NO CASH ALTERNITIVE! If you win a prize, it stays as credits. No US Dollars, No UK Pounds, No currency apart from Core Exiles Credits.
5) If the management feels the need, an Core Exiles In Game Account Verification Message will be sent. please do not feel you are being threatened/investigated - this can be an automatic process on a random basis to avoid multiple accounts.
6) The management decision is final on all decisions. The management also has the right to take the casino offline at any moment if cheating is detected.
7) No Cheating or use of Exploits, and any Exploits are to be reported to me on the Contact Page. There will be rewards for exploits found, and will probably be more then if you abused the exploit.
8) Any problems or queries, please contact us on the link above
9) Core Exiles Prizes may be offered at random times. This will only happen when credits are either donated - or by other means of income.
10) Have fun!

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Last Lottery Result

Last Draw: 2010-12-16
Draw ID: 112
Ball 1: 3
Ball 2: 10
Prize Fund: 50,000
Winners: No winners.
Prize pool rolled over!