Welcome To The How To Play The Lottery Guide

- The Shields Down Lottery is a program that requires a player to match the numbers that are drawn from a machine. These numbers are random, and a player can guess by buying tickets.
- You can buy as many tickets are you wish, therefore have as many guesses as you wish.
- The draw happens on regular occasions at the same time - The draw time is shown on the front page along with the other statistics for the draw
- If you match the numbers drawn, you win a share of the prize total! This depends on if anyone else has won it as well. Usually it will just be you, but there have been occasions where 2 players have won.
- The money you win will be deposited into your account as Credits

How do I play?
- Following the StartUp Guide, you require a Shields Down account, and to deposit money into the account.
- Click on Lottery link to the right will display a entry ticket where you can put in numbers you wish to play. You do not have to play all of these, and if you do not want to play some then leave them blank.
- You get a chance to review your choices before you buy them. If you are unhappy with any numbers, go back, and re-do the numbers.
- Clicking on Play Numbers will deduct the credits for the tickets out of your account, and will put them into play. There is no way to undo this!

I played some numbers and clicked the first 'Buy Tickets' button, and its not displaying. What gives?
- The main reason for this is if you enter a number that is outside the draw range - IE you enter a number that will never appear as it is too high, or too low (or not a number...). This will void the line, and will not charge you.
- If it still happens, or you are not sure you are entering it correctly, then please email me (contacts page) and let me know and I will look into it (please provide details).

I want to undo a ticket & I think I played a ticket twice!
- First off - No. You cannot undo an ticket once it has gone through. Once its in, its going to be played. Don't worry though - it might win!
- You cannot play the same ticket twice. An exploit was detected with this, and it was decided to remove having the possibility to have the same ticket twice or more.

How do I know this is not a scam?
- I guarantee this is a completly random process, with no chance of me, or anyone, guessing or cheating the system. If you are really unsure - then wait for a winner to appear. I am sure they will be happy for you to contact them, and they will reassure you that it is not fixed.

I want more information on how the game works/question not here
- Please Contact Me on the Contacts tab above.

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