Welcome To The How To Play ScratchCard Guide

Welcome To The How To Play ScratchCard Guide

What is it?
- It is a card that you have to guess 6 of 9 squares to attempt to get a match of 3 or more icons the same (excluding the big red X).
- They are hidden until you click on them.
- You cannot undo a click - so be wise on what you choose
- They are pre-defined so it will not cheat you when you click on it.
- This also means that you may have a winning scratch card, but you don't win as you did not choose the winning squares

How Do I Buy ScratchCards?
- You need to follow the link above saying Buy ScratchCard. This will lead you to some options, depending on how many credits you have available.
- Select the box depending on how many scratchcards you want. Click on 'Buy!' to buy these into your account.
- There is NO comfirmation page, so when you click 'Buy!', you will buy these cards.
- If you buy too many scratchcards, then email me to see if you can get a refund (Cards MUST be untouched), and depending on the number of cards, and you might get your credits back.

How Do I Play ScratchCards?
- To select a scratchcard to play, click the 'Play scratchcards' link at the top, and your cards should be listed to play.
- Click on the number of the card you want to play, and it will load it.
- To play a scratchcard, you need to select 6 squares by clicking on them in any order. The objective is to match 3 or more of the same type, but avoiding the red 'X'.
- Once you have clicked on 6 squares, the game will calculate if you have won, and if you have add it to your account.
- If you did not win, then the card will finish. Click on 'View Cards' to return to your available cards, or select a link at the top.
- Once the game is complete, the 3 untoched panels will be shown, so you can say to yourself 'If i only clicked the top corner one...'. There is also a footer to say what the maximum amount of credits the card had.

I disagree with a total it has given me. What can I do?
- You can click on 'played cards' on the 'Play scratchcards' page, and check your calculations. If it is still wrong, then please email me with the card ID number, the winnings you got, and why you think it is wrong.

What are the odds of winning?
- The odds of obtaining a winning scratchcard are about 1 in 3. Some prizes are big, some are minor.
- You may pick up a winning scratchcard, but not win.
- If it is found that people are not being lucky, and not winning the larger amounts on cards that were available, then the prize money will either increase, or more high payout cards will be added. Decision remains the right of Shields Down. - Possible winnings are located HERE

Is this a scam?
- No. The cards are generated randomly, with no cheats, changing icons, or the works. The card you play is static. Nothing changes
- If you do have any doubts, then please contact me, and I will do my best to prove to you this is not a scam.

I want more information on how the game works/question not here
- Please email me (link above) and I will reply personally. Some questions like what is the algorithm I will not give out, but suggestions or questions I will be happy to answer.


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