Welcome To Shields Down How To Start Guide

Welcome To Shields Down How To Start Guide

How to get started:
- First off, please become a beta tester of Shields Up - an account is needed there to transfer credits to the Shields Down account, so you can begin to play Shields Down Casino
- Earn some money in Shields Up, if you come straight to this, then your not going to get far in Shields Up...unless you really do feel lucky
- Create an account for Shields Down, follow the link on the top right to sign up!
- Make Sure Your InGame Name Matches Your Shields Up Player Name - they must be the same, otherwise you will not get any credits you transfer
- Then your ready to play.

I have two or more Shields Up Characters. What Do I Do?
- You will be required to either: use one account, or play with both. Your choice.
- If you choose to play with both, then seperate accounts are required. You can sign up again on here.

How do I transfer credits?
- If your Shields Down account is set up, then all that is needed is to send credits to sdlottery through a Shields Up Private Message. This process is instant, and what you put into Shields Down you can withdraw at any time, so their is no need to worry about me stealing it!

How do I use these 'Tokens'?
- Tokens have now been withdrawn from Shields Down. They were there as an insurance so the Casino did not lose too much money, and then not afford to pay out. This is no longer the case :)

I Transfered some money across before I created an account / I have not recieved the money instantly
- If this happens, a 'lockout' account is created. This account is only accessable by an Admin of the site, and is created to stop other players from stealing your money. Please email me (Contacts Page) with your ingame name, your Shields Down account (if created) and the money transferred. To speed up security checks, please send an ingame mail to sdlottery with no money but with these details, and the funds will be moved as soon as possible
- If your money has not been recieved, then please contact me through the Contact Us Page.

How do you play the games?
- The Lottery Guide
- The ScratchCard Guide

So I win, or decide to give up playing. How can I withdraw?
- Click on the Withdraw button, and follow the instructions. Be advised that withdrawal of credits can take upto 3 days to complete for security reasons, but will be done as quick as possible. Usually it is done wihtin 24 hours.

I got a Question that I cannot find an answer to / a Comment / a Suggestion: what can I do?
please Contact Me! and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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