Shields Down Lottery

The Shields Down Lottery is like a normal lottery, where you guess what the numbers drawn will be. If you match these numbers, then your a winner of the Jackpot! Depending how many other jackpot winners their are depends on if you win the whole amount, or a share.

How can I play?
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Each game can be different, and below shows what can change:

Draw ID:
The draw number. Each is unique, and your ticket is only valid for that draw.
Balls In Play
The number of balls that are being drawn for that game, for instance if there are 2 balls then you need to guess these two correctly. if there are three balls, then you need to match all three, and so on
Ticket Cost
The cost of the ticket in Credits. This will change per winning game to allow some of the new players to enter cheaply, or to let the 'big lads' build up a massive jackpot. If the cost is too much, wait for the next draw as this could be cheaper for you. Bare in mind, the higher the costs per ticket, the more money you could win...
This means that if there are two balls, then a draw of 10 and 10 CANNOT happen. Combinations of 10 and 15 can be drawn, along with 15 and 10. The order of the balls matters.
You can choose a number between and including the ones shown. These can change frequently, and will alter the odds of winning the draw. Usually, after each non-winning draw, the number decreases by 1
Tickets Sold
The number of tickets sold for the current lottery game
Curent Prize Total
The maximum you can win, if you win the lottery. If there are 2 or more winners, the winnings will be shared accordingly.
Draw Time
The time and date the draw is to take place. After this time and date, you will be able to see if you have won, who won, and what the winnings were

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Last Lottery Result

Last Draw: 2010-12-16
Draw ID: 112
Ball 1: 3
Ball 2: 10
Prize Fund: 50,000
Winners: No winners.
Prize pool rolled over!