Shields Down Scratch Cards

Shields Down Scratch Card is like most scratchcards out in this world, apart from one factor: There is an added hint of skill. Whilst with normal Scartch cards you scratch the whole panel off, this one your only allowed to scratch 6 of the 9 panels off.
this means that you could have a winning scratchcard, but do not win as you scratched the wrong panels.

Is there an explination?
Yes, The Scratchcard help page should give the answers you need.

How do I know this is not rigged?
All the ScratchCards that are created are done so beforehand, and stored until someone buys them. The process is automatic, and then tested by my automatic 'player'.
Not all Scratch Cards are winning scratchcards - but once you have completed the game, the remaining 3 panels are shown so you can review what you would have won, or could have won.

So the items in the background don't change?
Thats right. They are static. There is no 'Oh, hes got 2 jackpot items, lets change it'. If you got a winning card, then you can win off it. Some are defined winners, Some can be winners, and some rare ones you cannot win on.

How much can you win?
Check the 'Prize Board' link to the right, and the prizes can change from week to week, so keep an eye out!

I got 3 of the same pacture, but I was not awarded a prize! What gives?
- If the items are a Red 'X', then these are 'dead cells', and do not count towards a prize, no matter how many you get.
- If you think it is incorrect, then please Contact Me containing the card number, and I will check it out.

How do I get started?
- Login in the top right box (if you have not done so already)
- Click on 'Buy Scratchcard' to the left, and purchase as many as you wish using your Credits. More information can be found here
- Once you have some Scratchcards, then Click on 'Play Scratchcards' to the right, and select a game card to play
- Play the card by clicking on 6 question marks.
- See if you have won anything! Anything you do win will be placed back into your account as Credits instantly.

A question I have is not here
Please contact me using the link to the top. Thank you


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